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Hi there! I'm Marni

I coach parents with children ages 0-6 to help their children fall asleep independently, stay asleep in their own sleep space and feel more refreshed and energized as a result.

Every family is different and has their own unique needs and goals. I work with you to articulate what you want and then help you create a path towards achieving it.  Whether it's getting your child to sleep through the night, helping you to establish routines and structure, or feeling reassured that your child is meeting milestones, I will be there to support and cheer for you!​


When they sleep well, you sleep well.



I'm a mom to three active boys, a social worker, certified lactation counselor, certified gentle sleep coach and child development specialist. I love working with parents and children and am passionate about helping you feel confident and empowered in your parenting journey.

Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by children and how they grow. Over the last 25 years that fascination has evolved from babysitting & nannying into making a career out of coaching and supporting babies, children and their parents. 


When I work with your family I use a holistic and whole child approach and work with you to accomplish your sleep and parenting goals- I have the experience and expertise but you are the expert on your child.

Mother and Baby on Floor
Sleepy Baby

"Working with Marni was one of the best things we did. She listened to our concerns about sleep and behavior. She gave us the tools to address our concerns and be successful. We went from an unorganized bedtime routine to an structured bedtime. She was always available when we needed her. Thanks to Marni we are a happier and healthier family."

Rachel and Dan, parents to 4 year old

"My son was waking up multiple times a night, coming into our room and needing help to go back to sleep in his bed. Eventually he began sleeping in our room on an air mattress for months. Marni worked with us to get our son back in his bed, falling asleep on his own and staying in his bed all night- something we never thought would happen! She coached us through the whole process, including how to talk to our son about the changes that were going to take place. Everyone is finally sleeping in their own beds all night long!"

 Adam, dad to 5 year old

"Marni has been so helpful with guiding me around healthy sleep for my 8-week old. Even though my new baby is our third, I have learned so much from Marni and feel much better about how my little one is sleeping than I have at this stage with my previous kids. Marni is kind and open, and I feel so lucky to have her as a resource throughout this big transition for our family!"

Lizzie, mom to 8 week old

What Well Rested Parents Say

Smiling Baby
A Toddler and a Baby
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