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More About Marni

Social Worker

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Certified Lactaction Counselor

Child Development Specialist

Now, after 11 years of being a mom I have learned there isn't one right way to do something and that it all depends on who my baby is and what he needs in that moment and time. I've learned to trust myself more and trust in my relationship with my children. And I know I can help you, too. 
Having lived and worked with families in LA, NYC, and New England for the past 25 years, my family now lives in Overland Park, Kansas where we are exploring all of this new open space and getting to know the heart of the country. And of course cheering on some new sports teams- shhhh, don't tell my family in Boston      .
I have a Bachelor's in Family Studies from The University of Massachusetts, a Master's in Non-Profit Managament and Social Policy from Brandeis Universtity, and a Master's in Social Work from Columbia University. After years of studying and working in the field I assumed once I had a child I would have all of the, was I wrong!
I was shocked that I felt overwhelmed by the never ending needs of my baby, confused by all of the conflicting advice and exhasuted by sleep deprivation. I was obsessed with my baby's sleep and development and worried so much about whether I was doing 'the right thing' or not.
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