Create Your Own
(pricing ranges from $75-$500)

Choose from any of my services (lactation counseling, sleep coaching, developmental and parenting support) to create a custom fit package that meets your family's needs.

This also makes a wonderful new baby gift! The best gift you can give new parents is a support professional to help them navigate the bumps and thrills of parenting.

Not sure where to start? Give me a call and we can talk it through.

Ask Me Anything


30 min/60 min.


This is a 1:1 phone or video coaching session that you can use any way you want. Come with a list of questions/concerns in any of my service areas (sleep, lactation, child development, parenting, and behavior) and I will help you find the right answers and solutions.

30 min

60 min

The Whole Baby


This bundle is ideal for parents seeking ongoing support to establish a solid foundation for sleep hygiene, continued monitoring and support of the breastfeeding relationship and strategies to foster child's social, emotional, gross motor & fine motor development. Based on the home visiting model I will come to your home to coach and support you on all things sleeping, feeding, and development! 
  •  Intake & Assessment of baby's

  • Feeding/Development/Sleep​

  • On-site feeding observation/assessment of latch support​​

  • Monthly phone or video calls and/or home visits to discuss baby's development and learn strategies to enhance their social, emotional, and motor growth through month 5

  • Continued monthly support of sleep "shaping" and establishing a solid foundation for baby's sleep until month 5

  • Continued support of breastfeeding relationship as needed (in person or via phone/video)

  • Education and tips for sleeping, feeding and development (handouts provided) 

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