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Marni brought clarity and peace to our household during this quarantine!

Her easy, thoughtful and decisive approach to baby sleep made the process feel natural and inevitable. She provided a flexible framework for establishing healthy habits that we adapted to our needs with our newborn. She also helped us with the dreaded transition from swaddle to sleep sack when our little one started rolling around three months old.

I particularly appreciated how she helped us understand what not to worry about, which in a world where there seems to be no end of advice and input, is very valuable. This kept us focused on the bigger picture and allowed us to prioritize the things we cared about.

I recommend Marni to anyone interested in learning healthy, customizable and clear tools to navigate life with a baby!

Kasey and Jake, parents to 4 month old

Our life has been transformed!

Marni was our Gentle Sleep Coach for our 3rd child, and we started to work with her when our daughter was about 8 months old. 

When our daughter was about 4 months old, her sleeping patterns became more erratic.  Around 7 months, the bedtime routine became very challenging and my daughter started to wake every 20 minutes.  I was so concerned she was not getting enough sleep that I would usually give up and bring her into bed with me.  It was at this point I realized we needed help. 

From our first call, Marni provided us with a gentle and supportive way to help our daughter learn how to put herself to sleep.  Throughout the process, Marni was so helpful in identifying our sleep goals for our daughter and giving us the tools and confidence to achieve those goals.  Now with thanks to Marni, I feel more confident as a mom and I have the tools to help support my daughter develop healthy sleep habits that she can carry with her into the future. 

My daughter is now 10 months old and she is sleeping beautifully.  I no longer stress nap or bedtime because she goes down easily and stays asleep!  I would recommend Marni to anyone that is looking for a better sleeping experience for both their baby and their family.

Kat, mom to 10 month old

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